Trump Appears To Admit Russia Stole The 2016 Election For Him

Trump Russia

President Donald Trump apparently tripped over the truth again on Twitter Saturday when he attacked Senator Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) by accusing him of trying to steal the election like Russia did in 2016.

Donnelly currently holds a slim lead in the three-way race with his Republican and Libertarian opponents. However, a recent Fox News poll shows him with a 7-point lead.

So, of course, Trump is so desperate to capture the seat that he decided to literally start a “rumor” about Donnelly, accusing him of helping the Libertarian candidate to siphon votes away from the Republican. The problem is that the dirty play backfired spectacularly:

That’s right. Trump just admitted that Russia stole the 2016 Election for him.


And Twitter users couldn’t help but notice:

Indeed, as you may recall, Trump publicly asked Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s emails, resulting in cyber attacks against the DNC and the Clinton campaign by Russian hackers only weeks after a Trump Tower meeting his top campaign officials had with Russian agents in June 2016.

Here’s the video of Trump asking for Russia’s help, which the Senate Intelligence Committee has confirmed Putin green lighted to help Trump win.

It’s a good thing Special Counsel Robert Mueller is keeping an eye on Trump’s tweets. He can add this one to the stack of evidence he’s already collected.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot