Trump Attacks Allies On Christmas Eve To Justify Abandoning Them In Syria


President Donald Trump launched a tweetstorm of falsehoods against our allies on Christmas Eve Monday in a pathetic effort to justify abandoning them in Syria.

Trump surrendered Syria to Russia and Iran last week in a move that will undoubtedly lead to a resurgence of ISIS in the region.

He had claimed that ISIS is defeated, but lawmakers, national security experts, and military leaders have all called out Trump’s lie.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis and US envoy to the coalition against ISIS Brett McGurk both resigned in protest of the decision.

Now Trump is excusing it by attacking our allies and accusing them of taking advantage of us:

But it’s a “problem” that does not really exist as far as our NATO allies are concerned. Trump is presumably whining about NATO spending again, and his claims on this topic have been repeatedly debunked. It’s certainly not a reason to abandon our allies on the battlefield, especially since the United States government most certainly subsidizes the militaries of Saudi Arabia and Israel and Trump has not complained about it one bit. He’s only falsely leveling that accusation against our NATO allies all while accusing them of of taking advantage of us on trade, which isn’t true either.

Trump then attacked McGurk and once again made misleading claims:

Trump neglects to mention that the $1.8 billion is money that the United States owed Iran as part of an arms deal that we never followed through on after getting paid. Also, the Iran deal has not been “terminated,” it still exists without U.S. participation as our allies and Iran continue to abide by it.

Trump ended his temper tantrum by claiming America is somehow respected again:

If anything, America has lost respect in the world since Trump took office. Global surveys strongly demonstrate that nations around the globe have little confidence in Trump and opinion of the United States has dropped significantly since Obama left office.

Clearly, The Washington Post is justified in creating their “bottomless Pinocchio” rating for Trump’s lies.

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