Trump attacks Democrats for putting the screws to Whitaker, lies about the economy


President Donald Trump desperately lashed out at House Democrats on Saturday morning for grilling acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker into humiliation the previous day, going on to accuse them of political grandstanding in order to win the 2020 Election.

On Friday, Whitaker reluctantly agreed to testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee, where he made an absolute fool of himself as Democrats battered him for helping Trump meddle with the Russia investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Whitaker performed so poorly that multiple legal experts gave him a failing grade and made it clear that he belongs nowhere near the Justice Department, let alone being the head of it.

In short, Democrats did their constitutional duty by providing oversight and acting as a check on executive power.

Of course, Trump is frightened of them for that very reason, which is why he threw a tantrum that included an outrageous lie that the economy was failing under former President Obama’s watch:

Let’s not forget that Republicans viciously persecuted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a four year investigation of Benghazi that found no evidence of wrongdoing.

And Republicans resisted investigating Trump because he’s the leader of their party. Had Trump been a Democrat, Republicans would be treating him like shit right now instead of with kid gloves.

Furthermore, Trump inherited a growing economy from Obama, which is why the numbers are so good, including unemployment, which Obama had lowered to 4.8 percent from a high over over ten percent just years earlier after the Great Recession peaked. Under Trump, the unemployment rate has only dropped less than 1 percent.

The stock market was also already booming before Trump took office and the deficit had been slashed in half. Since Trump took office, the stock market had the worst December since the Great Depression, his tax cuts for the wealthy have blown up the deficit and the debt, and his trade wars have decimated farmers while and has resulted in a record trade deficit. Obama also oversaw a record 75 consecutive months of jobs growth that has extended to 100 since Trump took office.

Even most economists agree that the good economic news under Trump is a continuation of Obama’s economy.

Once again, Trump is telling lies that can be easily debunked and he is embarrassing himself by attacking Democrats for doing their jobs in Congress.

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