Trump Attacks The Media On Twitter With Most Narcissistic Tweet Ever

Donald Trump returned to the White House from his Thanksgiving golfing extravaganza more full of himself than ever.

On Monday morning, Trump trashed every media network except Fox News for not kissing his ass and called himself everyone’s “favorite President.”

That sound you may have just heard is the sound of Americans everywhere vomiting.

Trump’s popularity is at a historical low with approval ratings near 30 percent.

In fact, Trump is unpopular on a worldwide scale. According to a Pew Global poll, only two countries, Israel and Russia have confidence in him while the 35 other nations participating in the poll have little to no confidence in him at all.

Also, he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes on Election Day in 2016 and won less electoral votes than President Obama did in 2008 and 2012. That hardly makes him everyone’s “favorite.” Quite the opposite. And Trump will only get even more unpopular once the American people find out how the CBO scored his tax plan.

Trump’s tweet follows an attack on CNN International on Saturday in which he again promoted Fox News and claimed CNN was reporting “fake news” to the world, which drew a sharp response from CNN Communications.

Trump’s latest tweet is slathered with narcissism in a way that makes him look and sound truly delusional.