Trump attacks Puerto Rico in crazed rant lying about how much hurricane relief money the island received


President Donald Trump whined about Puerto Rico on Monday night in a crazed rant that continued into Tuesday morning as he attacked the island by lying about how much hurricane relief money FEMA has sent there.

First, Trump claimed that more money has been sent to help the island than was sent to help Texas and Florida after hurricanes in those states, which caused far less damage than Hurricane Maria caused to Puerto Rico.

Then he took a shot at San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, a strong Trump critic who is running for governor of the island.

He then conjured up an imaginary dollar amount to end his rant.

Not content with his pre-bedtime temper tantrum, Trump repeated it the next morning along with a complaint that he isn’t being given any appreciation for what he has supposedly done to help, which amounts to throwing paper towels at people in need and denying how many people actually died because of the hurricane and Trump’s terrible response.

But FEMA has stated that Puerto Rico has only received $3 billion, not $91 billion as Trump claims. And the island will need tens of billions more to recover.

Once again, Trump lies in order to demonize people, only these people are full-fledged American citizens. and he ought to be ashamed of himself for attacking them at all.

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