Trump attacks social media platforms after snowflake conservatives allege political bias


President Donald Trump openly threatened social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday after complaining about imaginary political bias.

Once again, the complaints and accusations against social media returned to the forefront this week as conservatives returned to making allegations of censorship and bias despite the fact that they have no evidence to prove their claims.

Republicans have repeatedly claimed that Twitter is “shadow banning” them even though users have responded by pointing out that their personal settings are set to filter what they can see, meaning Republicans are b*tching for nothing because they are basically blocking themselves.

Rep. Devin Nunes has taken his complaints about Twitter so far that he filed a lawsuit this week, which will likely be laughed out of court since Twitter is a private company unregulated by the First Amendment.

On Facebook, Trump’s social media chief got caught spamming pages with the same link over and over, which is a violation of community standards for good reason. No one likes it when someone posts the same link repeatedly.

After his account got suspended, he cried censorship, resulting in Trump launching an attack on Twitter and threatening an investigation.

Again, Trump’s media guy got busted violating the rules. And just like anyone else, he got punished for it, pure and simple.

Furthermore, it’s ironic that Trump is accusing Twitter of bias even though they haven’t suspended his account for posting hateful propaganda and threats that clearly violate the rules of that platform. In fact, Trump spent the weekend spamming so much that one of his own former officials had to shut off their phone.

The bottom line is that Facebook and Twitter are private entities and Trump can’t just make them do what he wants. He’s already trying to order General Motors to do what he wants, doing the same to social media companies makes this a pattern of fascism that should worry Republicans a whole lot more than whether or not they can see a tweet that their own filter settings hid from them.

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