Trump biographer predicts Trump will throw Kushner ‘under the bus’ to protect his kids


President Donald Trump may be forced to throw his son-in-law Jared Kushner “under the bus” over his growing security clearance scandal that involves his daughter Ivanka, according to Trump biographer Tim O’Brien on AM Joy Sunday.

On the Saturday edition of Joy Reid’s MSNBC show, she and her panel of experts laid out the scandal for all to see after the New York Times revealed that Trump personally ordered former White House chief of staff, John Kelly, to give Kushner top secret security clearance.

Basically, this is how it played out:

Trump appointed Kushner just after being inaugurated in 2017 to lead Middle East Peace talks as cover for his effort to seek business connections and money to pay off a $1 billion debt he owes on his 666 Fifth Avenue building in New York City. Kushner lied repeatedly (over 100 times) on his application form for a security clearance, which should have disqualified him from getting one in the first place. Intelligence officials did not want him to have one, but Trump personally intervened and he and Ivanka have repeatedly denied that he intervened on Kushner’s behalf, but that has now proven to be a lie as Kushner continues to cultivate business connections in the Middle East for profit.

It’s a massive scandal that threatens to put Ivanka in the crosshairs of a congressional probe. And if she lies again, she could be investigated for perjury.

Reid pointed out on Sunday that Ivanka should have stayed out of it like her brother Eric has done.

“Maybe Eric is the smart one — Eric is staying out of it,” she said before turning to O’Brien to ask “how far would Donald Trump go to protect his children and his son-in-law, if at all?“

And this is where it gets bad for Kushner because O’Brien predicted Trump would throw his son-in-law to the wolves to protect Ivanka.

“I think he would go to great lengths to protect his children,” he said. “I don’t suspect he’d go far to protect his son-in-law. I think he would throw Jared Kushner under the bus.”

“But Jared is married to Ivanka, his favorite child,” Reid observed.

“Ivanka has to decide if she prefers her father or her husband,” O’Brien replied. “That could be a dramatic moment in this.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

In the end, however, Ivanka is involved in so many scandals that throwing Kushner off a cliff won’t be enough to save her. As O’Brien has pointed out earlier, she had a direct role in Trump’s inaugural committee, which is under investigation for taking foreign money. She was also present on Air Force One when Trump wrote a letter claiming that Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with Russians inside Trump Tower in June 2016 was about adoption. Ivanka is also deeply involved in Trump’s fraudulent charity and the Trump Organization, both of which are being investigated for various crimes.

At this point, the only way Trump may be able to save his kids is to admit his crimes and plead guilty. He could make a deal to go to prison in exchange for their own freedom. But we all know Trump is not going to do that because he only really cares about himself. It’s more likely he’ll throw all his kids under the bus if it means escaping prosecution and prison.

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