Trump Bizarrely Muses About ‘Glorious End’ To Endless Wars In Late Night Tweet


President Donald Trump stayed up late on Monday night to rant about “endless wars” and how they will come to a “glorious end” in a late-night tweet that drew mockery from Twitter users.

The American people got to enjoy a few blissful hours of Trump not tweeting about anything after he announced his intention to speak from the Oval Office during prime time on Tuesday evening until nearly midnight on Monday when he decided to muse about war for some reason.

It’s obviously an odd post. But as nice as it is to think about the world not being at war for once, actions speak louder than words, and Trump has been nothing but talk since taking office.

After all, he’s the one that involved the US military in Yemen and increased participation in Syria. And even when he announced withdrawal from Syria, he was lying because Trump recently claimed that American forces are staying put while denying that he ever lied about ISIS being defeated.

Trump has also threatened to use nuclear weapons and has ignored Russian aggression while attacking our allies, which he did in this tweet by once again accusing them of taking advantage of us.

Of course, that’s not true since our allies have been fighting and dying along side us in the Middle East since 9/11.

And as long as Trump is creating chaos in the world, war will never end.

Twitter users responded appropriately by pointing out Trump’s hypocrisy and hilariously mocking him.

Perhaps humanity will put an end to war one day, but Trump will not be the president who helps turn that dream into reality.

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