Trump Blames ‘Disruption’ In Financial Markets On House Democrats

On Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged another 660 points, suggesting that investors expect more bad financial news and lower earnings reports from companies.

While most economists say President Donald Trump’s ongoing trade war and excessive tariffs are to blame for uncertainty in financial markets, Trump said Friday it’s Congressional Democrats who are driving down the American economy:

It should surprise no one that Trump would try and place blame on others. When the market was booming, he claimed credit for the rise. Now, however, he cannot possibly admit that his economic policies are causing financial disruption and have even contributed to massive losses by businesses such as GM, which recently announced it will close five plants and cut 14,000 workers.

The reaction to Trump’s ludicrous tweet was immediate, with most people reminding him that the market began tanking in October, before the midterm election was even held:

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