Trump Blames Shutdown On 9th Circuit Court’s DACA Ruling In New Twitter Meltdown Over Wall

Trump wall

President Donald Trump threw a temper tantrum on Twitter about hos border wall again, this time blaming the government shutdown on the DACA ruling made by the Ninth Circuit Court earlier this year.

Earlier on Thursday morning, Trump lied about the government shutdown soon after returning to the White House after his meager three hour trip to Iraq to visit troops, a trip that Trump complained about before lying to our soldiers about their pay.

Trump has been desperately trying to blame Democrats for the shutdown despite taking ownership of it himself two weeks ago during an embarrassing Oval Office meeting.

So, now he is not only trying to blame Democrats, he’s claiming that the Ninth Circuit is somehow to blame for the scuttling of an earlier deal that would have given Trump $25 billion for his wall in exchange for passing a law to protect DACA.

The problem with Trump’s claim about the Ninth Circuit Court ruling is that he is lying as usual.

As outgoing Rep. Ryan Costello (R-Pa.) explained earlier this week, such a deal was offered to Trump in June 2018, but Trump and House Republicans rejected it because they refused to compromise even though Trump basically got everything he wanted in the bill.

And that was long before the Ninth Circuit issued their ruling, which occurred on November 8th.

Trump could have taken the deal offered to him by Democrats at any time before then, but he rejected it instead, and now he wants us all to believe that Democrats are the ones who went back on their offer.

But it wasn’t the Democrats or the Ninth Circuit who cost Trump his wall. It was Trump’s own ego and refusal to compromise. The “dealmaker” refused the good deal offered to him because he greedily wanted to be the only winner. Now he’s just a big loser with no wall as Democrats prepare to take over the House and the purse strings.


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