Trump blames the ‘corrupt and hostile media’ for failing to report his success as president

President Donald Trump awoke Sunday morning in a foul mood, so he grabbed his cell phone and began rage tweeting out his grievances, suggesting that the media is refusing to report on all he’s “accomplished” since taking office.

Claiming that he has accomplished more than any president in American history, Trump raged at the news media:

He followed that posting with another that allowed him to pat himself on the back:

The president conveniently neglected to mention that a scant 20,000 jobs were created in February, leading some economists to suggest the Trump recession may have arrived.

When it comes to Trump’s claims that he’s accomplished more than any other president in history, that’s complete BS. He hasn’t even come close to what FDR did to bring this country back from the depths of the Great Depression.

Trump got an immediate fact check on social media:

Featured Image Via the BBC