Trump Blames The Press For Lack Of Public Support For His Wall


President Donald Trump was up early Saturday morning, and he was busy on Twitter, posting absurd claims about why the majority of Americans don’t want to see his long-promised border wall built:

But the fact remains that a majority of those polled say they don’t want a wall on the Southern border. A Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released in late December showed that 56 percent of those surveyed said they don’t want to build a wall, while 44 percent said they did support such a plan.

Even the idea of a so-called security barrier (metal slats, as Trump refers to them) failed to garner majority support in the Harvard poll, with 54 percent opposing and 46 in favor.

That same poll also suggests that Trump’s willingness to shutter the federal government with a shutdown is not popular with voters. Fully 60 percent said they’re opposed to using a shutdown to extort money for the wall.

And the reaction on Twitter to Trump’s whining was also decidedly against the president:

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