Trump Brags About Dead Al-Qaeda Leader To Claim He’s Tough On Terrorism


President Donald Trump used the recent killing of an al-Qaeda leader to claim that he’s tough on terrorism, only to be laughed at on Twitter.

On January 1st, the military finally took down the terrorist who led the attack on the USS Cole in the year 2000 via an airstrike.

Yet, it took Trump five days to tweet about it. And when he did, he took credit and claimed he will “never stop” fighting terrorism:

Trump’s claim is contradicted by his decision to pull American forces out of Syria, where the fight against ISIS continues. Basically, Trump is lying when he says he will “never stop” fighting terrorists because he is clearly surrendering in Syria, where several thousand ISIS fighters can now regroup and advance.

Twitter users humiliated Trump for his boast:

This is why Trump should listen to his generals and our intelligence agencies as well as read his daily briefings. It would have saved him a lot of awkwardness this time.

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