Trump brags about hosting Special Olympics team at White House — Oh, the irony

Special Olympics

President Donald Trump pretended to enjoy the company of the United States Special Olympics Team on Thursday, only to get skewered in response for how he has treated disabled people.

In yet another photo-op to fake how much he cares, Trump received the Special Olympics team at the White House and posed with them in the Oval Office just months after nearly gutting funding for the program that these athletes deserve so he can fund his tax cuts for his wealthy buddies.

Trump was forced to restore the funding after national outrage ensued.

It also comes three years after Trump ruthlessly mocked a disabled reporter at one of his hateful campaign rallies in 2016.

Trump bragged about hosting the team on Twitter.

Considering Trump’s past disdain for the Special Olympics and disabled people, the event certainly reeked of awkwardness, and people were not fooled by it one bit as they called Trump out in response and reminded him of how he really feels about them.

Given Trump’s behavior toward women and the LGBT community, the USA Women’s Soccer Team chose not to visit the White House. Trump’s behavior toward the Special Olympics and disabled people should have resulted in the same decision for the Special Olympics team. Because it is pretty clear that Trump does not deserve to have photo-ops with people who actually worked hard through adversity to get where they are.

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