Trump Brags France ‘Wants’ Him And Tweets Support For Riots In Paris

Paris is on lockdown this morning after days of rioting in the city streets have led to over 500 arrests. Protesters are angry over the cost of living and proposed tax increases, so they’ve taken to the streets to express their dissatisfaction.

But rather than stand firm with a NATO ally and offer his support to French President Emanuel Macron, President Donald Trump cast his lot with the protesters via Twitter on Saturday morning:

And then the president decided to once again address the concept of a European military, an idea that’s been suggested by Macron:

As for Trump’s claim that French protesters are calling for him to be their leader, the Daily Mail says that’s little more than an elaborate ruse:

“On Tuesday Trump began to spread a famous right-wing radio host’s unproven claim that rioters in Paris have been heard shouting that they want the president to replace their own.

“He retweeted a message from Charlie Kirk, president of the conservative Turning Point USA youth organization, that ‘We want Trump’ is ‘being chanted through the streets of Paris.’

“Kirk appeared to take that claim from a broadcast Monday of Rush Limbaugh, who said French President Emanuel Macron has seen a proposed fuel tax increase – a measure intended to fight global warming – generate riots larger than any ‘since the student protests of May 1968.’

“No video surfaced showing Parisians yelling for Trump to be their president.”

But the best takedown of Trump occurred on social media:

Later today, perhaps Trump will tell us he discovered electricity and was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. It’s gotta be true because he never ever lies, right?

Featured Image Via Al Jazeera