Trump brags he and Kim Jong Un are going to turn North Korea into an economic ‘rocket’

Trump KIm

President Donald Trump, who seems to always be looking for a way to pat himself on the back, wants us all to know that things are going swimmingly with North Korea, and soon the isolated nation will be booming economically.

The president, who will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam later this month, posted two tweets Friday evening regarding North Korea:

This isn’t the first time Trump has eagerly advertised the supposed economic potential of North Korea if the U.S. is able to convince Kim to denuclearize. Such an agreement would also include the lifting of sanctions.

Trump made similar postings on social media shortly before he met with Kim in June 2018. That summit was held in Singapore:

The chance that North Korea will agree to give up its nuclear arsenal seems remote at best. Just last week Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and CIA Director Gina Haspel told a Senate committee that it’s highly unlikely North Korea will ever surrender all of its nuclear weapons.

Perhaps Trump envisions a giant Trump Tower in downtown Pyongyang one day, but if the results from the second Trump-Kim summit are as negligible as the first, no American construction companies will be putting up skyscrapers in North Korea anytime soon.

Featured Image Via NBC News