Trump bullies Richard Blumenthal from Vietnam in petty Twitter attack


President Donald Trump used his time in Vietnam on Wednesday to attack Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) using a derogatory playground insult.

As we all know, Trump dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam War, finally getting a doctor to diagnose him with bone spurs the final time because he could no longer get a college deferment.

Blumenthal, on the other hand, served with the Marine Corps reserve during and after the war and could have been sent to fight at any time had his unit been called up.

Yet, Trump continues to bully Blumenthal because he misspoke a couple of times about his service during the war on the campaign trail. Rather than say he served during the war, he said: “in Vietnam.”

It’s a mistake that the senator has apologized for making, but Trump won’t let it go. And he actually had the gall to brag about being in Vietnam on Twitter Wednesday.

Again, Blumenthal never told such stories, and Trump never served a day in the military. And if Trump wants to talk about fraud, we can trot out his Trump University lawsuit that he lost. Or we can talk about his fraudulent bone spurs.

Also, discussing Blumenthal’s service record with the Vietnamese is totally disrespectful and more than likely offended Vietnamese officials.

Twitter users were certainly offended, which is why they ripped Trump a new one.

Trump may be in Vietnam, but he is 50 years too late. And if a war were still raging there, he wouldn’t be there right now.


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