Trump Busted For Lying About Lying That ISIS Has Been Defeated In Syria


President Donald Trump attacked the New York Times on Monday morning to claim that he never said ISIS is defeated in Syria, only be brutally fact-checked by Twitter with his own words.

On Sunday, the New York Times reported that National Security Adviser John Bolton has placed conditions on the troop withdrawal that could delay it by months or years, meaning American forces are staying in Syria to continue the fight against ISIS.

Cue immediate backpedaling by Trump away from his initial claim on Twitter that ISIS has been defeated and that troops would be leaving in 30 days.

Except that there’s clear proof that Trump actually said these things and it’s yet another example of how his tweets backfire against him.

Twitter users just so happened to dig up Trump’s December 19th tweet and even video of Trump announcing the withdrawal. Trump’s claim that the New York Times is failing was also debunked.

Trump has lied so much about so many different things that he can’t keep his lies straight anymore. That’s understandable, of course. After all, Trump has told well over 6,000 lies since taking office two years ago, prompting the Washington Post to create the bottomless Pinocchio just for him.

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