Trump called out for hypocritically criticizing Virginia Democrats despite his own record of misconduct


President Donald Trump unwisely waded into the mess in Virginia where Governor Ralph Northam is being pressured to resign for alleged racism in his yearbook and Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax has been accused of sexual misconduct, resulting in Twitter users pointing out his blatant hypocrisy.

The top three Virginia Democrats are now all embroiled in scandals, including Attorney General Mark Herring, who admitted to wearing blackface once in the 1980s after having called for Northam to resign over the same offense after a 1984 yearbook photo went public showing Northam either wearing blackface or dressed in KKK robes.

Democrats and Republicans have been calling on Northam to resign ever since. The office would then pass to Fairfax, who was recently accused of sexual misconduct dating back to 2004, an accusation he vehemently rejects.

If all three were to resign, House Speaker Martin Cox, a Republican and supporter of President Donald Trump, would become governor.

Make no mistake, they should resign if the allegations are true, especially Northam, who has made quite a mess of things since originally admitting that he wore blackface. But President Donald Trump involved himself in the scandals on Thursday by weighing in.

The problem with Trump weighing in is that he himself has spewed a ton of racism since taking office and has multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him by several women.

In fact, Trump could and should have withdrawn from the 2016 race in response to the various allegations but he refused and is still in office despite them.

That makes him a hypocrite, and Twitter users responded by reminding him that if these Democrats must resign, so should he.

At this point, it should be noted that wearing blackface, while deeply offensive, is not a crime. Directing campaign finance felonies, however, is very much a crime.

And let’s not forget that Trump refused to withdraw his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court even after he was credibly accused of attempted rape. If Kavanaugh can sit on the Supreme Court, Fairfax can certainly be governor if Northam resigns, especially since the allegation against him has yet to be proven.

Trump should lead by example and resign first if he is really concerned about these scandals and so should every Republican who is whining despite supporting the likes of Trump, Kavanaugh and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa).

Again, if these allegations are true then all three Virginia Democrats should resign. Nobody is saying otherwise. But for Trump to dare comment by attacking them for not yet doing so is flagrantly hypocritical and proves there’s a double standard when it comes to demanding resignations for past sins.


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