Trump calls for Mueller to be imprisoned after quoting Rush Limbaugh


President Donald Trump apparently is taking his cues from right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh now, which is why he viciously attacked Special Counsel Robert Mueller and our intelligence community on Sunday evening.

Trump frequently attacks our intelligence agencies and the Russia investigation because he considers them his enemies. He has repeatedly sought to undermine or discredit Mueller and his team, and his own intelligence chiefs who have contradicted him on a number of occasions.

Presumably, after his latest round of golf and a break at the omelette bar at Mar-a-Lago during his fake national emergency, Trump directly quoted Limbaugh, who accused federal investigators of conspiring with intelligence officials under former President Obama to take Trump down, and actually called for their imprisonment without offering a shred of evidence.

Trump would follow that up with a tweet attacking Mueller and accused the Democrats of collusion with Russia.

Trump’s accusations hold absolutely no water and there is no evidence proving the claims.

Furthermore, this so-called “witch hunt” has resulted in six Trump associates being indicted for multiple crimes, including former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who faces decades in prison.

Trump is also abusing his power by threatening intelligence officials and investigators with jail. And let’s face it, Rush Limbaugh is not even close to being a bastion of truth. He’s a pathological liar and propagandist. The only reason Trump is quoting him is that he went to bat for Trump’s national emergency on Fox News Sunday during a hypocritical interview with Chris Wallace.

Twitter users raked Trump over the coals.

The American people should be deeply outraged by Trump quoting Limbaugh and they should oppose his attacks on the men and women who uphold the rule of law and keep us safe every day.

Once again, Trump has demonstrated that he is unfit for the office he holds.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot