Trump calls Mika a ‘psycho’ and she buries him with brilliant response


Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski flattened President Donald Trump’s over-inflated ego on Tuesday morning in response to him calling her a “psycho” during his latest Twitter rant.

Not content with putting his racism on full display as he has done in recent weeks by attacking four Democratic congresswomen of color and most recently by attacking Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), Trump decided to put his sexism and misogyny on display as well by targeting Mika again despite claiming that he doesn’t watch the MSNBC program.

Mika soon responded, not by addressing the attack on her directly, but by telling a story about her wedding ceremony with co-host Joe Scarborough, which was officiated by Cummings at the National Archives in Washington DC.

“It’s interesting, over the past couple of days, as Joe and I have been speaking out in support of Elijah Cummings, we’ve heard a lot from Trump supporters and Trump support groups that we didn’t disclose that Elijah married us at the National Archives in Washington last November,” she began.

“You can read about it on our Instagram accounts,” Mika pointed out. “I have a couple posts going with pictures from the wedding, and also asking people to stand with Elijah. We chose Elijah Cummings to marry us because he really represents everything that we aspire to be in a human being. He really is the man of the moment at this moment in history.”

She also noted that Trump himself wanted to perform the nuptials even after he had viciously attacked Mika and Joe over the previous two years, and Mika coolly put Trump in his place.

“Also, for the record, President Trump offered to marry us and we turned down that offer,” Brzezinski said. “That wasn’t going to happen.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

A spurned and humiliated Trump then desperately insisted that he never made such an offer, all while once again referring to Mika as “psycho”.

Unfortunately for Trump, his analysis couldn’t be more false as AM Joe has consistently beat out CNN for 17 straight quarters:

On the programming front – Morning Joe defeated CNN New Day in total viewers for the 17th straight quarter and in A25-54 for the 8th straight quarter.

This petty toddler behavior just continues on and on, all while Republicans cowardly sit in silence.

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