Trump Calls Military Spending He Increased ‘Crazy’ While Flip-Flopping Like A Fish Out Of Water

Trump military

After repeatedly calling for increased military spending and then bragging about it when he got it, President Donald Trump is now whining about the defense budget as he calls for an to an arms race crisis he manufactured.

In a bizarre tweet on Monday morning, Trump declared that he intends to discuss a “halt” to the arms race between the United States, Russia, and China before complaining about how much money the United States spends on the military.

It’s odd because Trump himself advocated for increasing the military budget and giddily signed such increases into law.

Trump also ramped up the arms race by announcing an abdication of U.S. leadership on nuclear weapons reduction, and by recently withdrawing from the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) with Russia, an action former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has condemned.

Basically, Trump manufactured the spending and arms crisis and now he all of a sudden wants us to believe that he cares about fixing the problems he only made worse. Twitter wasn’t buying it, and promptly mocked him.

As Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haas explained earlier this morning, Trump has a history of creating crises and then taking credit for fixing the mess he created.

That appears to be exactly what Trump is doing here once again.

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