Trump Calls Press ‘Enemy Of The People’ Again Despite Bombs Being Sent To CNN

Trump press

President Donald Trump resumed attacking the press early Monday morning after a week in which CNN headquarters had to evacuate twice due to bomb threats.

In a continuation of Trump’s desperate and sickening effort to blame the media for the hatred and division he has sowed with his speeches and tweets, culminating in the radicalization of a supporter who mailed bombs to Trump’s political opponents and critics, including the media outlet he despises most, Trump woke up early on Monday and once again referred to the press as the “enemy of the people.”

This dangerous rhetoric is what has incited violence and threats against journalists, and resulted in bombs being sent to CNN last week.

Trump is literally using the press as a scapegoat to absolve himself of any responsibility for his own words and behavior.

Make no mistake, Trump riled up his supporters into a frenzy of extremism and turned Democrats and journalists into targets for their rage.

And Twitter users slammed him for it.

Just when you thought Trump couldn’t sink any lower, he doubles down on vicious attacks that will undoubtedly make journalists less safe and could get innocent Americans killed.


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