Trump campaign manager tries to defend McConnell, gets an epic smackdown

House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Screen capture by newsy via YouTube

When President Donald Trump’s campaign manager threatened to stop advertising on Twitter Friday after the social media giant banned Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) social media team, Twitter users couldn’t have been happier.

Brad Parscale was trying to make a statement, HuffPost reports, and Twitter users were only too happy to respond.

“Team Mitch” was hit with the ban after the campaign shared a video that the Louisville Courier-Journal describes as a “profanity-laced protest outside of the Republican Senator’s Kentucky home.

According to a Twitter spokeswoman, the video violated the platform’s violent threats policy, especially threats involving physical safety. She added that the account was unlocked Friday after the McConnell campaign successfully argued the video was intended to spark public discussion.”

But Parscale didn’t wait for the account to be unlocked before deciding to attack Twitter, threatening to remove all campaign ads from the platform.

“We stand with Senator McConnell & won’t spend another dime with @Twitter until they unfreeze his account. Locked it after he showed video of threats against him.”

Twitter is cool with hamas or louis farrakhan, but not senate majority leader.

Terrible bias!”

While at least a few Trump supporters backed Parscale’s threat, many others in the Twitterverse noted they’d be more than happy to Parscale make good on his threat.

One user chided him for using people of color for his examples.

Another called out the senator’s double standard.

And some let the memes fly.

Another user applied a liberal dose of sarcasm:

As funny as all these tweets are, they’re a real reminder that people are fed up with McConnell for standing in the way of progress. He’s blocked legislation to protect elections from foreign interference, he’s stubbornly and persistently fought meaningful legislation on gun control, snubbed Kentucky coal miners and 9/11 first responders. He’s made it more than clear that he doesn’t care for the rights of everyday Americans.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that people are angry.

Featured image courtesy of the video above