Trump Caps Off Christmas Day By Lying About How The Country Is Doing

Trump Christmas

President Donald Trump just couldn’t let Christmas Day end without telling another lie about how the country is doing.

As the nation entered the fourth day of a government shutdown amid the worst December for the stock market since the Great Depression on Tuesday, Trump insisted on Twitter, that everything is just fine in a tweet attacking the media.

Again, the government is shut down and the stock market is tanking, yet Trump seriously wants everyone to believe that America is doing just swell under his sorry excuse for leadership.

The Dow Jones closed Christmas Eve with a 653 point free fall, adding even more bad news to a month that has been terrible for the stock market.

And Trump’s government shutdown is costing Americans billions as it drags on just because Trump is throwing a temper tantrum over wall funding he will not get and taxpayers do not want.

Furthermore, Trump surrendered to ISIS in Syria in a snap decision to withdraw American forces and abandon our allies in the process.

Also, Trump’s trade wars have contributed to the stock market nosedive by killing jobs and businesses as prices rise along with the trade deficit.

So, in fact, the country is NOT doing great at all, and it’s because of Trump.

Twitter users put him in his place.

This Christmas is one of the most stressful and depressing Americans have ever had to endure, and Trump is the reason why.


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