Trump caves to Pelosi, agrees to deliver SOTU after government shutdown ends

Nancy Pelosi SOTU

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has spoken, and her resolve forced President Donald Trump to act like an adult for once as he finally came to terms with not delivering the State of the Union (SOTU) address until after the government shutdown is over.

After all of the bluster, bullying, retaliation and temper tantrums over the last two weeks, Trump took to Twitter Thursday morning and announced that he will not seek an alternative venue for the SOTU and will will accept Pelosi’s decision to postpone it.

Trump has previously considered delivering the speech at a campaign-style rally, which would have cheapened the speech and sullied our longstanding traditions.

His new attitude adjustment comes after Pelosi stood her ground by refusing to take up a joint resolution summoning Trump to Congress to deliver the annual report in response to his attempt to bully her in a letter telling her that he intends to deliver it over her objections.

Pelosi had security concerns about the event and did not feel it appropriate to hold since Secret Service agents would have to work without pay. Trump initially responded to Pelosi’s request for postponement by canceling her secret trip overseas to visit the troops in Afghanistan and perform Congress’ duty to perform oversight by speaking with NATO commanders, a retaliation that put Pelosi’s life and the lives of the Democratic delegation in jeopardy.

Pelosi’s decision to cancel the SOTU was followed up by Trump throwing a childish tantrum in which he insulted Pelosi and emasculated Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), but in the end, Trump conceded defeat in the most adult way he is capable of, all because Pelosi is a real adult who knows how to deal with angry toddlers.

Now if only Trump would end his government shutdown by responsibly signing the bills approved by the House so 800,000 federal employees can get back to work and get paid. Then Pelosi and the Democrats will be ready to negotiate border security with him, which may include wall funding if he is willing to start acting like a reasonable president instead of childish a**hole.

Featured Image: Wikimedia