Trump cites non-existent ‘just released’ book by Michael Cohen in Twitter attack on his former attorney


President Donald Trump is absolutely convinced that his former attorney, Michael Cohen, has written a tell-all book that’s about to be published, despite there being no evidence to support such a belief.

Saturday evening, the president posted this on Twitter:

Trump also referred to a “book manuscript” on Friday, though he offered no proof then, either:

As Politico reports, there have been suggestions in the past that Cohen may be writing a book, but no confirmation:

“During congressional testimony this week, Republicans pressed Cohen on whether he had a book deal lined up. Cohen would not rule out that possibility. However, Cohen’s potential publisher has said it ‘never saw a manuscript’ and a lawyer for Cohen said the book never went beyond a preliminary proposal.”

But despite that, Trump seems obsessed with the idea that a manuscript exists or a book is soon to hit shelves. That, only raises more questions, such as:

  • Why does Trump care if Cohen writes a book, since he says Cohen is a liar?
  • What might a Cohen book contain that has Trump so enraged?
  • If there is a book, has Cohen shared its contents with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Congressional investigators?

Reactions to Trump’s panicked posting was immediate:

Expect more enraged tweets next week as Cohen is due back on Capitol Hill for additional testimony.

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