Trump claims few Americans care about Russian collusion, even though most want Mueller report released

Trump Mueller

President Donald Trump continued to insist that the country move on from the Mueller report on Thursday, this time by claiming that nobody really cares about it anymore.

Attorney General William Barr continues to withhold the report from Congress and the public, which is only drawing accusations of a cover-up as Mueller’s own investigators now say that the report is worse for Trump than Barr made it sound in his four-page summary of the 400-page document.

According to CNN:

Some of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators have told associates that Attorney General William Barr did not properly convey how damaging their findings were for President Donald Trump, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

The investigators said Barr, in his memo to Congress, did not adequately portray the results of their nearly two-year investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, the Times reports, according to government officials and others familiar with their frustrations. Investigators have concerns that Barr was able to shape the public’s initial views of their report with his memo and now, without the report being made public, they are set in that narrative.

Despite this new revelation, Trump claimed on Twitter that Americans no longer care about the investigation or the final report:

Democrats are “fighting hard” to see the full report because they don’t trust Barr, and rightfully so. Barr is a Trump crony who had major bias against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia probe long before he was ever nominated to his current post.

Furthermore, the polls show that an overwhelming majority of Americans actually do care about the report because they want it released to the public in full.

“Overall, three-quarters said the full Mueller report should be made public,” NPR reported after the release of a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll. “That included a majority of Republicans (54 percent). Just 18 percent overall said Barr’s summary is enough. Two-thirds (66 percent) also said they want Mueller to testify before Congress, and 64 percent said the same for Barr.”

So, once again, Trump is lying and he is desperately hoping Americans will forget about the Mueller report because he fears what’s actually in it. Americans must continue demanding an end to this cover-up until either Barr releases the report or the people punish Trump and Republicans in 2020 so that a Democratic administration can release it for them. And then federal prosecutors and federal law enforcement can wait outside the White House for him with handcuffs since there are plenty of other crimes Trump is being investigated for right now.

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