Trump Claims He Has More ‘Indian Blood’ In Him Than Elizabeth Warren Does

Elizabeth Warren
Massachusetts sen. Elizabeth Warren may be all set to take down Trump in 2020. Screenshot by Dose of Dissonance via YouTube video

President Donald Trump returned to attacking Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) with racist remarks on Saturday just hours after an anti-Semitic gunman murdered 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Not long after the mass shooting, Trump called for “unity” to “conquer hate.”

But it didn’t take long before he went back to sowing division and hatred using racist language during a speech to the Future Farmers of America, who watched as Trump launched an attack on Warren mocking her Native American heritage by claiming that he has more “Indian blood” in him than she does.

“Maybe Elizabeth Warren is gone,” Trump said in reference to the 2020 presidential contest. “She may be gone. She may be gone. What a sad thing happened to her. Turned out that I had more Indian blood in me than she has. What a sad event. And I have none, so you know. We can’t resist. Can we resist? Right? But how good is that as a sound bite?”

Terrible, actually. It reveals Trump as a racist hypocrite. For one, the term to use is Native Americans, not “Indian.”

Secondly, Warren took a DNA test that proves she has Native American ancestry. That’s a fact.

Also, how dare Trump claim to have Native American ancestry? It’s offensive, especially since it’s a total lie. He should take a DNA test himself. But we all know he’s a coward.

Trump also attacked Warren after she announced the results of the DNA test earlier this month, which was meant to silence racist conservatives like Trump who have been attacking her and accusing her of lying about her heritage.

Warren responded to that attack on Twitter.

Unlike Trump on Saturday, Warren spent her time expressing sympathy and support to the families of victims killed inside the Pittsburgh synagogue.

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