Trump claims he’s already building the wall even though Congress hasn’t given him money

According to President Donald Trump, he’s already building his long-promised border wall even though he hasn’t received any money from Congress for construction.

Which makes you wonder: If the wall is under construction and Trump doesn’t need appropriations from Congress for that purpose, why is the government still shut down?

Sunday on Twitter, Trump posted this bizarre claim about the wall:

Wow! Talk about opening yourself up for ridicule! Here’s just a few things that come to mind after reading that tweet:

  • If the wall is being built and renovated, why is Trump demanding billions of our tax dollars?
  • Building is what he does best? Actually, he just puts his name on things that others build. That’s called branding.
  • “Even when money is not readily avialable.” Hmm…is that what you did when you needed money during the last recession? Did you call some Russian oligarchs or Vladimir Putin and have some sent that you later laundered?

Reaction from others on Twitter was pure gold:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot