Trump claims he’s more progressive than Biden and will easily win the black vote in 2020


According to President Donald Trump, he’s much more progressive politically than former Vice President Joe Biden and will easily win the black vote in 2020 if he’s matched up against Biden.

Clearly, the president had way too much sake to drink during his visit to Japan.

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Taking to Twitter, Trump posted these absurd musings:

Not only will African-Americans not be voting for Trump, but the very fact that he cannot stop tweeting and talking about Biden is proof positive that he’s worried about having to face him in next year’s election. He’s obsessed with the man, and based on the recent polling numbers showing him losing badly in a head-to-head match-up with Biden, it’s little wonder that Trump is already attempting to get his attacks out there early.

Also, the very fact that Trump would try to claim that he did something to help black people is nothing short of ludicrous. And that’s exactly what others on social media told him in no uncertain terms:

Here’s a number Donald Trump and his 2020 campaign need to keep mind: 8. That’s the percentage of African-Americans who vote for Donald Trump in 2016. He won’t get half that much support in next year’s election. In fact, he might be lucky to manage two percent.

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