Trump claims he’s treated worse than Lincoln, calls himself America’s favorite president

Lincoln Trump

President Donald Trump poured on the narcissism and delusions on Twitter Saturday morning by calling himself “everyone’s favorite president” and comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln.

Trump woke up and parked himself in front of the television during his “executive time” and apparently saw disgraced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich running his mouth about how Trump is supposedly “treated worse or more unfairly” than Lincoln. Trump then claimed to be America’s “favorite president” and and declared that he’ done more in two years than any other administration:

Let’s just point out the obvious. Lincoln was assassinated. There’s no worse treatment than that. He was also humble, the complete opposite of Trump, and was known for being honest while trump has told over 7,000 lies since taking office. As for being America’s “favorite,” 44 percent of Americans identified former President Barack Obama as the best president of their lifetimes, while only less than half that number said the same about Trump. Also, a recent poll shows most registered voters definitely will NOT vote for Trump in 2020.

As for accomplishments, Trump has played more golf, gone on more vacations, and now owns the longest government shutdown of any president. The government even continued to run during the Civil War when Lincoln was in office. Trump’s legislative accomplishments are few and what he has managed to sign has amounted to laws that most Americans don’t like or are trivial such as renaming post offices.

Twitter responded to Trump by taking him to the woodshed:

Trump supporters are going to eat this up because they are lapdogs, but most Americans will see right through Trump’s delusions of grandeur and see him for the insane moron that he is.

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