Trump claims Mueller report does not implicate him even though he hasn’t read it


President Donald Trump went into full toddler mode when CBS’ Margaret Brennan asked him about the Russia investigation, even going so far as to falsely claim that Special Counsel Robert Mueller doesn’t implicate him in his report, which has not been written yet.

During an interview that aired prior to the Super Bowl on Sunday, Brennan asked Trump about his reaction to the questions Mueller asked him to submit written answers to last year.

“The Russia thing is a hoax,” Trump whined. “I have been tougher on Russia than any president, maybe ever.”

That’s not true at all. In fact, Trump has given Russian dictator Vladimir Putin everything he wants since he took office, including throwing our intelligence community under the bus in defense of Russia, lifting sanctions on Russian companies connected to Putin, attacking NATO, keeping private talks with Putin a secret by any means necessary and withdrawing the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty of 1987, thus allowing Russia to develop new nuclear weapons classes in the open.

Trump has bowed down to Russia so much that the FBI even investigated him for possibly being a Russian agent.

Brennan pointed out that 34 people have been indicted by Mueller so far, including six of his own associates.

“Excuse me,” Trump rudely replied. “Ok, you ready? Ok, you ready? Of the 34 people, many of them were bloggers from Moscow or they were people that had nothing to do with me, had nothing to do with what they’re talking about or there were people that got caught telling a fib or telling a lie. I think it’s a terrible thing that’s happened to this country because this investigation is a witch hunt. It’s a terrible witch hunt and it’s a disgrace.”

Trump then engaged in his favorite game of “whataboutism” and brought up Hillary Clinton.

“When you look at General Flynn where the FBI said he wasn’t lying, but Robert Mueller said he was, and they took a man and destroyed his life,” Trump said. “When you look at so many of the things that have happened- why didn’t they go after Hillary Clinton for her emails? She had thirty-three thousand emails that were deleted after receiving a subpoena from Congress.”

Again, six Trump associates, including his former campaign manager Paul Manafort, his former National Security Adviser and his longtime associate Roger Stone have all been ensnared by Mueller for their ties with Russia during the campaign. Stone communicated with Wikileaks to release emails hacked by the Russians. Manafort attended a meeting with Russian agents inside Trump Tower and briefed a Russian oligarch about Trump’s campaign. And Flynn talked with the Russians during the transition about ending sanctions and lied about it to the FBI.

Either Trump is so incompetent that he had no idea what members of his team were up to or he’s lying.

But then he went even further by claiming that “the Mueller report said it had nothing to do with the campaign” before saying in the very next breath that he has “no idea what it’s going to say.”

So, he somehow knows what Mueller’s report says and doesn’t know at the same time.

He then repeated his first claim.

“So far this thing’s been a total witch hunt,” he concluded. “And it doesn’t implicate me in any way. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction. There was no nothing. Doesn’t implicate me in any way but I think it’s a disgrace.”

The problem is that Trump can’t possibly know what’s in Mueller’s final report because Mueller has likely not prepared it yet. This investigation is still ongoing and there are probably more indictments to come, including one that might have Donald Trump Jr’s name on it. Also, Mueller could have already filed a sealed indictment against Trump and would likely refrain from saying anything about major bombshell findings until he issues a final report.

Mueller is not going to show Trump his report prematurely and since Trump is known for lying anyway, we can’t take his word for it that he hasn’t been or won’t be implicated in the report. Congress can also subpoena the report and they can subpoena Mueller, which means the nation would find out one way or another if Trump is lying.

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