Trump Claims Twitter Is Biased And Won’t Let People ‘Join’ Him Online

President Donald Trump currently has 56.3 million followers on Twitter but apparently thinks he should have tens of millions more, so he’s decided that social media is biased and controlling the people who are allowed to follow him.

So the president decided to complain about the situation…on Twitter:

Damn, Donnie! Gibberish much?

What exactly does “They have removed many names & greatly slowed the level and speed of increase” even mean? It sounds like something a fifth-grader who barely understands the internet would use on an exam in order to confuse the teacher in the vain hope of getting partial credit.

Apparently, just because social media platforms refuse to allow neo-Nazis, alt-right extremists, and other right-wing nutjobs to spread their hatred, Trump and his amen choir over at Fox think that’s proof of bias.

Fortunately, other members of the Twitterverse were only too happy to give Trump a nice slap down for his ignorance:

Someone needs to change Grandpa Donald’s diaper and put him down for a long nap.

Featured Image Via Twitter