Trump Attacks Comey And FBI In Morning Twitter Meldown

President Donald Trump threw a massive hissy fit on Sunday morning.

Not even a day went by after he claimed to be unconcerned by Michael Flynn’s plea deal with Robert Mueller and happy in general before Trump snapped.

Trump apparently thought about it throughout the day and revealed his true feelings on Saturday evening.

He stopped rage tweeting for a few hours and then resumed the rampage on Sunday morning, this time claiming that he never asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn and attacked the FBI and Hillary Clinton.

The FBI investigated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails thoroughly. It was also very public and she was cleared in the end after the FBI opened the case for a second time only weeks before Election Day. Also, Hillary Clinton is not the president and is no longer part of the government. In short, she is irrelevant to the current investigation.

Trump is literally trying to cast doubt on Mueller’s investigation by seizing on a story that technically happened months ago in the middle of summer. That’s when Mueller removed an agent from the investigation because of anti-Trump text messages. If anything, that demonstrates Mueller’s integrity and proves this investigation is not a partisan “witch hunt” as Trump likes to constantly claim.

These are the kind of meltdowns that just make things easier on Robert Mueller. Because every time our so-called “president” lies about something, it’s on the Internet forever. It’s clear that he fired Comey for refusing to drop the Flynn investigation. That’s an established fact. He even went on to brag about it to the Russians on videotape. He must really think the American people and our law enforcement officials are stupid.

But we should prepare ourselves for even more of these outbursts because as Mueller digs deeper and gets closer to taking him down, he’s going to whine like never before.

Featured Image Via YouTube Video.