Trump: Congress Should Give Me Money For The Wall Because It Won’t Be Made Of Concrete

Now that looks like Congress will not give President Donald Trump a thin red dime for his oft-promised border wall, Trump is trying to convince us that he’s not really building a wall in he traditional sense, meaning that he can be trusted with $5 billion or so.

Yes, since the wall won’t be made of concrete, Trump argued Tuesday evening on Twitter, it’s not really a wall, so Congress should fork over the money:

Just as an update, here’s where we’ve come from to where we are now:

  • During the campaign, Trump said he would build a great wall like the Great Wall of China (which is made of bricks and mortar) and Mexico would pay for it.
  • The story then changed to building a wall with taxpayer money but getting Mexico to reimburse us.
  • More recently, Trump has said the wall will be built, the money will come out of our pockets, but he’ll get the money back on trade deals with Mexico.
  • Now Trump is telling us we should give him billions because, hey, the wall is only going to be metal slats, so no biggie!

But not everyone on social media was willing to accept Trump’s deeply flawed logic and follow him down his latest rabbit hole:

Here’s a thought: Maybe we can just make a trip to Target, grab us some nice drapes, and put those up. They’ll flow in the wind and create such a beautiful effect. Wind chimes would also be nice, don’tcha think?

Featured Image Via the BBC