Trump Continues Obsessively Attacking Mueller In Tuesday Morning Twitter Meltdown

Trump Mueller

President Donald Trump is losing his sh*t on Twitter right now over the Russia investigation as Special Counsel Robert Mueller prepares to deliver his report and, perhaps, more indictments.

On Monday morning, Trump went into full panic mode over Mueller and whined that the special counsel isn’t investigating his political opponents, even though Mueller was specifically appointed to probe Russian meddling in the 2016 Election and Trump’s involvement.

Trump doubled down on his attacks Tuesday, clearly still scared sh*tless of Mueller’s impending report that could be damning to his presidency and send him and his family to prison.

He began by accusing Mueller of “ruining lives” and accused him of going “rogue” and doing “damage” to the criminal justice system.

Again, Mueller is a longtime public servant who has an impeccable record serving in law enforcement and the justice system. He’s a Republican who served honorably and bravely during the Vietnam War and he knows what he is doing. After all, he served as FBI Director and as an assistant US Attorney General and as acting Attorney General. He investigated Enron and took down notorious mob boss John Gotti.

Demanding Mueller investigate “both sides” is like demanding he investigate the people Enron screwed over or the people Gotti had murdered.

Twitter users swiftly mocked Trump for being a snowflake who knows Mueller is coming for him.

Trump can throw all the tantrums he wants. He’s only digging the hole deeper for himself and demonstrating that he is guilty. Because innocent people do not behave the way Trump is behaving.


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