Trump Cries ‘Election Fraud’ In Tight Florida Senate Race

The Florida Senate race between incumbent Bill Nelson (D) and Rick Scott (R) is headed for  a statewide recount, with Scott leading by just 17,000 votes out of more than 8.1 million ballots cast in Tuesday’s election.

For his part, Scott filed suit Thursday against the election boards in Broward and Palm Beach counties, accusing “unethical liberals” of trying to steal the election. However, Scott provided no proof of his allegations.

And now President Donald Trump has joined the fray, alleging that “election fraud” took place in Florida and is preventing Scott from being named the winner:

Much like Scott, Trump also failed to provide any factual corroboration for his specious claim of fraud, choosing to toss around a serious charge without a shred of evidence.

Both Scott and Trump should welcome a recount if they’re convinced the GOP victory is assured. If indeed “Florida voted for Rick Scott!” then a full recount of the ballots (which is mandated by state law) would serve to bolster Scott’s legitimacy as the next senator from the Sunshine State.

On Twitter, the president was pelted with scorn:

What Trump neglected to mention is that in the 2016 election he supposedly “won,” all the ballots were counted and he lost by nearly 3 million votes. Sounds like the very definition “election fraud,” doesn’t it?

Featured Image Via CBS News Screenshot