Trump cries ‘NO COLLUSION’ and goes into panic mode as Mueller report looms


Ahead of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s anticipated submission of his final assessment to conclude the Russia investigation, President Donald Trump is insisting everyone listen to Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) instead in another panicked tweet.

Burr concluded earlier this month that there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in 2016, which Trump immediately praised on Twitter.

Of course, Burr is a biased Republican lawmaker who resisted investigating collusion in the first place and legal experts have criticized him for prematurely clearing Trump because the committee’s investigation is not actually complete, something even Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) the ranking Democrat on the committee pointed out in a tweet warning that Mueller still has yet to release his own report.

Trump even attacked the media for not reporting Burr’s personal conclusion as absolute fact.

And now that Mueller’s report is supposedly set to be completed by next week, Trump is getting ahead of it in an effort to discredit it by once again parroting Burr’s opinion.

Clearly, Trump is panicking about what the final report will say. Mueller is not a Trump shill, but a seasoned investigator who is highly respected by both Republicans and Democrats. He is not blinded by loyalty to Trump like Burr is, so his report will have more credibility. Thus far, Mueller has indicted six Trump associates, one of whom is currently in prison. Hardly a “witch hunt.”

Trump is desperate to control the narrative before the report is released because he knows Mueller is not one of his stooges. So, we can expect more similar outbursts from Trump in the days ahead, and who knows, if the report is bad enough for him he may decide to stay in Vietnam rather than come back to face the music.

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