Trump dangles lifting sanctions on North Korea to appease Kim Jong Un

Trump KIm

President Donald Trump is still being duped by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and he proved it Saturday morning by dangling the lifting of sanctions despite the fact that Kim has no intention of surrendering his nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong Un has made it clear to Trump that the United States must lift sanctions before he will even consider denuclearization. That’s precisely why Trump’s second summit with Kim in Vietnam failed earlier this year.

In fact, North Korea has been threatening to end talks entirely.

But Trump is so desperate to make a deal with Kim Jong Un that he is now suggesting he will lift sanctions on North Korea and is bragging about how powerful Kim Jong Un is.

It’s pretty sickening to watch a United States president kiss a dictator’s a**.

North Korea has not only demanded sanctions be lifted, but that American military forces be withdrawn from the region.

And even Trump’s own intelligence chiefs say that North Korea will not give up their nuclear weapons, contradicting Trump’s own claim that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat to our country and allies.

The question is how far will Trump go to appease Kim Jong Un and will he put America at risk so he can pretend to get a win?

Because lifting sanctions without denuclearization and absolute confirmation on the ground could one day result in a mushroom cloud over an American city. And that will all be on Trump.

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