Trump declares he’ll build a ‘human wall’ on the southern border with U.S. troops


Less than 12 hours before he delivers a State of the Union address that will reportedly call for unity and cooperation, President Donald Trump went on Twitter Tuesday morning and sounded a less than bipartisan message, vowing to build a “human wall” on the border with Mexico if Congress refuses to give him money for his border barrier.

As we’ve come to expect, Trump’s tweet is factually challenged, much like everything he posts on social media. Border crossings are down dramatically, so no one is “flooding” the border.

The logistical challenge of a “human wall” is laughable, not to mention probably illegal and facing a court challenge. And no “real wall” would solve the larger issue of immigration reform, which has been needed for decades.

Recent reports suggest the president may try to declare a national emergency and divert billions of dollars from the defense department or disaster relief to fund his vanity project. However, he’s getting significant pushback from Congressional Republicans on that plan, and it too would face indefinite court challenges, meaning the wall would remain in the blueprint stage.

Twitter users were only too happy to remind Trump that he’s a failure and will never get his wall:

Trump plans to call for unity tonight? He’s more likely to call for civil war.

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