Trump defender Kayleigh McEnany gets taken to the woodshed for parroting his racist talking points

Kayleigh McEnany, who serves as an official spokesperson for President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, got a lesson in civics and civility when she began repeating the president’s racist rhetoric about four female members of Congress Wednesday evening on CNN.

During an appearance on “Cuomo Prime Time,” McEnany desperately tried to defend Trump’s call for “the squad” (who are all women of color) to leave the country if they disagree with the way things are in the United States:

“If you hate this country so much, by all means, exit.”

And that’s when former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granolm (D) countered the Trump mouthpiece, reminding her that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MI) “doesn’t hate it, she serves this country.”

But McEnany only reiterated her disgusting talking point:

“By all means, leave it and allow an immigrant who’s dying to be here.”

Granholm then shut down the Trump campaign spokeswoman by letting her know in no uncertain terms that dissent is what makes America unique and special:

“She loves this country. All of those women love this country. They are serving this country. They were elected to serve America. They are American citizens. How dare you ― how dare you! ― tell an American citizen they must go away? This, to me, is such an un-American argument, to say that you cannot criticize your nation. What is the First Amendment about?”

The president also reverted back to attacking Omar and her three colleagues at a rally in North Carolina Wednesday night, commenting:

“That’s why I said, hey, if they don’t like it, let them leave. They don’t love our country. I think in some cases, they hate our country.”

This from a man who has repeatedly denigrated war heroes like John McCain and the families of those who served this country honorably such Khizr Khan, whose son died in 2004 while serving in Iraq. And yet Trump’s hatred for heroes is somehow seen as acceptable by his supporters and the Republican Party. How’s that for perverting what it means to be an American?

Those who criticize Donald Trump or his policies don’t hate this country. They hate what he’s trying to turn the country into.

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