Trump Defends Causing Shutdown By Declaring ‘Elections Have Consequences!’


Donald Trump has finally managed to accomplish something no other president in American history can lay claim to: He’s the reason for the longest government shutdown since the founding of the republic.

But according to Trump, the reason for the shutdown is because Congressional Democrats won’t let him extort billions of dollars from the Treasury Department and build his wall on the Southern border.

However, everything is under control, according to Trump, and he even has a plan to end the shutdown, but we won’t be able to understand it until we accept the fact that he won the election.

Here’s the tweets Trump posted a little while ago:

Amazingly, Trump has finally said something we can all agree on: Elections do indeed have consequences, and he LOST the House of Representatives to Democrats. This is checks and balances, just as it was envisioned by the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution.

Also, any “plan” Trump has goes like this: Give me endless billions for my vanity project (the wall) and I’ll let federal workers get paid for doing their jobs.

As social media reminded the president, he’s not going to get what he wants and the last election we held in this country, he was rejected by a majority of the voters:

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