Trump defends Putin when he declares democracy dead

Trump Russia

President Donald Trump refused to defend democracy after Russian dictator Vladimir Putin called it “obsolete” and dead during a recent interview.

The G-20 conference in Europe has been yet another disastrous embarrassment for Trump, and he didn’t make it any better prior to leaving when he failed to stand up to Putin in defense of democracy, an issue near and dear to the hearts of free peoples around the world.

During a recent interview, Putin attacked multiculturalism and accused migrants of being rapists and murderers, the same line of attack used frequently by Trump.

“When the migration problem came to a head, many people admitted that the policy of multiculturalism is not effective and that the interests of the core population should be considered,” Putin claimed. “The liberal idea presupposes that nothing needs to be done. The migrants can kill, plunder, and rape with impunity because their rights as migrants must be protected. The liberal idea has become obsolete.”

Putin also attacked LGBTQ rights, which Trump has also been busy chipping away at.

“[T]his must not be allowed to overshadow the culture, traditions, and traditional family values of millions of people making up the core population,” he said. “Traditional values are more stable and more important for millions of people than this liberal idea, which, in my opinion, is really ceasing to exist.”

Putin is literally pronouncing liberal democracy dead and calling for denying people their rights as human beings.

His remarks drew condemnation from French President Emmanuel Macron.

“I am convinced that in this world full of uncertainty, liberal democracies still stand strong,” Macron said. “It is not the only existing model, but it is a model that lives on and has its strength.”

European Council President Donald Tusk also disagreed with Putin.

But as usual, Trump demonstrated that he is Putin’s puppet. When asked about Putin’s remarks, Trump went on a tirade about California and falsely claimed that it’s not being run well because the state is controlled by “liberal people.”

The question was not about political parties, it was about Western democracy that features a Constitution, separate branches of government, free and fair elections, the rule of law and basic human rights. Even many Republicans used to believe in this government model and still do. That’s what Putin thinks is dead. And Trump either did not understand the difference or he didn’t care because he refuses to defend democracy.

Trump loathes democracy and he has proven to be a cancer upon it that must be ousted from office before he destroys it for his master in Russia.

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