Trump Demands Florida Elections Be Called For Republicans

Trump Florida

In a rejection of the democratic process, President Donald Trump is demanding that Republicans be declared the winners in Florida elections that are so close they require recounts by state law.

Trump has been whining about the recount for days, even accusing Democrats of trying to “steal” the election.

On Monday, Trump cried election fraud and insisted that Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis be declared the victors in their Senate and gubernatorial races based on Election Day results.

The thing is, while Scott and DeSantis were in the lead on Tuesday night when both races appeared to be Republican victories, that didn’t mean everyone stopped counting the votes. As the remaining ballots were counted, the vote margin in both races became so narrow that an automatic recount was triggered. Republicans could very well still win both races, but that doesn’t mean every vote should not be counted. And it certainly does not mean we should defy state election laws by canceling the recount. That would be a disservice to democracy, especially if it turns out that Democrats win one or both races.

Twitter users slammed Trump for having a problem with democracy.

If Democrats were the ones with a narrow lead, Republicans would be insisting on moving forward with a recount and would want every vote counted. But because Republicans are in the lead, they are not so interested in counting every vote and making sure the vote totals are correct.


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