Trump demands Uganda find kidnappers despite letting killers of journalists and American citizens off the hook


President Donald Trump stuck his foot in his mouth on Monday morning when he demanded Uganda find the perpetrators responsible for kidnapping an American citizen, only to be reminded by Twitter of the times he let killers of journalists and American citizens off the hook.

Kimberley Sue and her guide were successfully rescued by Ugandan security forces on Sunday after she was kidnapped by four men during a safari tour.

Her kidnappers have not been apprehended, and so Trump decided to get involved by ordering Uganda to find them.

The problem is that Trump has previously referred to African countries as “sh*thole countries,” so Uganda probably isn’t interested in anything Trump has to say.

Furthermore, Twitter users would respond by pointing out that Trump’s demand stands in stark contrast to his behavior toward Saudi Arabia after the killing of American resident and Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, whose children are American citizens.

Trump also gave North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un a pass on the murder of American citizen Otto Warmbier.

And Twitter users also slammed Trump for ordering the kidnapping of children from their parents at the southern border in this country.

Clearly, Trump has no business telling Uganda what to do, especially since he’s a hypocrite who has let hostile nations murder our own people without consequence as he systematically commits the same crime of kidnapping against migrant children that four men did in Uganda to an adult American tourist.

How can anyone take Trump seriously in the face of these facts?

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