Trump Ends 2018 With Rant About His Wall Using The Same Tired Lies

Trump wall

President Donald Trump couldn’t let 2018 end without one final temper tantrum on Twitter about his useless border wall. And he repeated the same lies as usual.

One would have thought that a temper tantrum earlier on Monday morning would have been the end of it, but we all know that Trump is incapable of letting things go, even when a hopeful celebration of the New Year is imminent.

In this latest rant, Trump began by claiming that Mexico is paying for the wall via the new NAFTA:

Except that the new NAFTA is just a slightly tweaked version of the old NAFTA, and Trump has already threatened to scrap it if Congress doesn’t pass wall funding.

If the new NAFTA really does pay for the wall, why would Trump threaten to kill it before it even takes effect. Fun fact: Congress still has to approve the deal first. Plus, any money saved by this version of NAFTA does not go to the government, and by forcing taxpayers to pay for the wall, Trump is basically stealing those savings from workers and businesses to do it.

Trump then whined about Democrats and called border security funding for technology “meaningless” without a wall:

But new technology is what Border Patrol agents really want and really need, such as sensors, drones, and surveillance in addition to more manpower to handle asylum claims faster.

Furthermore, Trump has flip-flopped so many times about what he wants and whether or not he will sign a bill that it’s easy to see why Congress is reluctant to approve the funding. For example, Trump can’t decide if he wants a concrete wall or a steel slat wall. And he rejected a bill this past summer that would have provided $25 billion for his wall, five times the amount he is demanding now. He rejected it because he refused to compromise with Democrats who wanted him to sign legislation to protect DACA in return.

Trump concluded his rant by claiming that walls still work just like the wheel still works:

The difference between a wheel and a wall is that the wheel is still useful to us. A wall, on the other hand, is no longer a viable national security strategy. The fact is that migrants can still enter the United States by boat and plane. They can also tunnel under and climb over it. Illegal drugs enter the United States via legal ports of entry through smuggling, and can also be flown in by plane or brought in by boat. In short, a wall is just not practical and will cost a fortune to build and a fortune to maintain, far more than new tech will cost.

Trump is truly desperate and pathetic if he is using the same lies to argue for his wall, which is nothing more than a vanity project.

As the country heads into 2019, you can bet that Trump will continue whining. That’s something that will never truly change. That is, of course, unless Special Counsel Robert Mueller arrests him or Trump gets impeached, which will only happen if former CIA Director John Brennan gets his New Year’s wish that Republicans finally turn on him.

Then Americans can have a quieter even tempered honest president who isn’t an insane moron in the White House.

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