Trump engages in witness tampering — issues threats at Cohen’s father-in-law


President Donald Trump decided he go ahead and add witness tampering to the growing list of offenses he’s committed by directly threatening the father-in-law of his former attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, who is now cooperating with federal investigators.

Friday morning, just hours after BuzzFeed News reported that Trump allegedly told Cohen to lie to Congress while under oath, the president desperately tried to slag Cohen with this tweet:

The reaction to Trump’s blatant attempt to silence a potential witness (i.e. Cohen, who is scheduled to testify before Congress on Febuary 7) drew immediate charges that Trump was indeed engaging in witness tampering:

Kellyanne Conway’s husband even joined the comments:

Trump is scared. He’s terrified. And so he’s trying to intimidate anyone who can tell what they know about him. But the more he tweets, the deeper he digs the massive hole he’s already in.

Featured Image Via CNN