Trump Falsely Accuses Media Of Leaking ‘Off The Record’ Meeting In Late Night Rage Tweets


President Donald Trump lashed out at the media late Wednesday night for allegedly leaking “off the record” remarks he made to a group of news anchors prior to delivering his Oval Office address on Tuesday evening.

Trump spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Fox News’ Brett Baier among other news anchors prior to his speech in a meeting that he claimed to be “off the record,” but his remarks were leaked and they paint a picture of a pathetic individual who is desperate to try anything to get money for his wall.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump expressed doubt that his speech would change public opinion about the wall and the government shutdown and admitted his visit to the border on Thursday will be nothing more than a photo-op stunt”

“It’s not going to change a damn thing, but I’m still doing it,” Trump said Tuesday, according to the New York Times.

Trump also reportedly told the network personalities that his trip to Texas on Thursday was a mere photo opportunity, but that White House communication aides Bill Shine, Sarah Sanders, and Kellyanne Conway thought it would be “worth it” as negotiations with congressional Democrats stall over funding for a physical barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Well, Trump found out his remarks were made public, and so he spent Wednesday night throwing a tantrum aimed at the press:

Except that it appears Trump’s own staffers leaked his “off the record” remarks with other members of the press, who were not bound by Trump’s request. New York Times reporter Peter Baker and Breakfast Media White House correspondent Andrew Feinberg debunked Trump’s accusation:

Now, if Cuomo or Baier or any of the other anchors in the room had leaked Trump’s remarks he would have a case. But his own staffers leaking to reporters who were not in the room is something totally different. “Off the record” does not magically mean the entire media has to stay silent, only the members of the media in the room when Trump said it. And even then, saying “off the record” is not a binding agreement.

Trump’s outburst comes just hours after he threw a temper tantrum in the White House and stormed out of a meeting with Democratic leaders because he still isn’t getting his way on the wall he has been demanding for months and shut the government down over nearly three weeks ago.

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