Trump falsely credits his unratified USMCA deal for new jobs announcement by a Japanese company


President Donald Trump desperately tried to promote his USMCA deal, known mostly as the “new NAFTA,” on Thursday after Toyota announced plans to create hundreds of jobs in the United States.

In addition to his whining about a forthcoming Senate vote on a resolution condemning his national emergency declaration, Trump took time out to praise the foreign automaker for announcing plans to create 600 jobs across five states, which is just a drop in the bucket considering how many jobs Trump’s trade wars have annihilated over the last year.

He even went so far as to credit his USMCA deal.

The problem is that the USMCA is not in effect. Canada, Mexico, nor the United States have ratified it yet, which means all three nations are still operating under the original NAFTA, which Trump’s new deal only slightly tweaked anyway.

Another problem is that Toyota is based in Japan, which is not a signatory of NAFTA but made this decision under current NAFTA provisions.

In short, it had nothing to do with Trump or his USMCA.

Twitter users responded by fact-checking and humiliating him into oblivion.

In fact, the trade deficit has reached a record high on Trump’s watch, meaning his trade wars totally backfired.

The 600 jobs also does not replace the thousands of jobs lost because of plant closures by General Motors, Ford and Harley Davidson.

Clearly, NAFTA still works. It’s Trump’s trade wars that are the real problem.

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